Triumph Triple Dirt Rip


Moto and the City



Frankenstein Moto

I’ve recently rolled thoughts around of letting my 950 go, and replacing her w/ a modern triumph. Which sparked the ‘new bike’ fuse, which sparked which bike this time scenario’s in my head, which has oddly enough led me to…… photoshop. Where you can make whatever oddball, often completely impractical, idea’s a visual reality. A friend of a friend of a friend has this bike…

Which I always thought was pretty cool. Now w/ the help of my new found friend photoshop C5, I was able to stitch together……

KTM 950 w/ a harley headlight, triumph custom pipes, buell wind screen and a ducati gt1000 seat for example. A little blasphemous? Sure. Probably not as much as this….

KTM 690, w/ monster, tank, light, and harley solo sportster seat.

I like the idea of making high performance bike, more….. comfortable? 

Im slowly learning photoshop, and just bought this little pen tablet thing, so I’m just going to continue to spill moto abominations onto my computer screen for a bit.

In the meantime (a.k.a. reality) I sat on this last week and really, really like it….

We’ll see where we end up.



I was unaware your could rip on a scambler this much. Awesome.



One of these bikes is not like the other….

2 SV650’s, a V-strom, and my KTM 950 SM. 1 good day of riding, one dented wheel (KTM), one lay over (SV650) in an In&Out parking lot post burgers.



Due to sneaking suspicions of an impending zombie apocalypse, I’ve been preparing my 2009 DR650. It’s maybe %75 done.

-Virtually indestructible 8″ Soltek Race Light

-Relocated ignition

-Wind Screen

-Power Outlet

-Vapor Unit w/ all sorts of interesting information

-Warp 9 wheels, 17 Rear w/ a 19 Front

-TKC80 Rubber front and rear

-Cortech Saddle Bags

-Procycle Gel Seat

-Protaper High Bars

-FCR Super Carb

-FMF Pipe

-Airbox Mod

-K&N Filter

With more goods on the way.

Thus far. It’s pretty bad ass.